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 Jiangyin Nanfang Pipe Fitting Making Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin, a new developing port city in Yangtze River Delta With highly convenient traffic, it has Yangtze River running by the north side, Taihu lake closing to the south, highways connecting west to Changzhou and Nanjing city and east to Suzhou and Shanghai city.
The company is the professional manufacturer of pressure piping components. The Company has been developed to produce three series of pipe fittings such as butt-weld, socket weld and thread, bends, flanges and other non-standard fittings for petroleum, chemistry, electricity, shipping yard, paper making, metallurgy, textile, pharmacy, food industries and etc. The complete manufacturing and examining equipments ensure the needs of different sizes fittings by all walks of life. Currently, the production capability is about 20,000.00 tons per year.
The advanced forming technology, skilled manufacturing experiences, complete examining measurements and the regulatory management guarantee that the safe and reliable products are provided. The manufactured products are applied on the large important domestic projects and also exported. The company has won the praises from the clients because of the satisfied products.
The company first established the quality management system per ISO 9000 in 1996 and passed the evaluation and obtained the certificate in 1997. In 2009, the company also attained the certificates of ISO 14000(Environmental Management Systems) and OHSAS 18000(Occupational Health and Safety Management System).
Basing on the efficiently executing quality management system, the company has been developed and will also be extended further. The company passed the proof test for the products required by the national quality surveillance department. The company also obtained the certificates issued by the SINO-PEC,CNPC, electricity construction, national chemistry, shipbuilding and etc. other industries and PED/CE certificate. In 2002, the company also attained the manufacture license for special equipment P.R.C (pressure piping component).
The company is now the member of technology council of national piping accessory standard committee and the pressure piping technology council of national boiler and pressure vessel standard. The company takes part in the draft the national standards of pressure piping component.
Purpose of management: caring for employees, focusing on clients, basis of credit and first of quality.
Subject of Management: safety, quality, neatness, regulation.
Policy of quality: each staff¡¯s responsibility, complete inspection procedure, continuous improvement and every client¡¯s satisfaction.
Policy of the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety: each staff¡¯s participation, preventing pollution, safety and health, contributing to society.
¡°How happy we are to have friends from afar¡±, we are sincerely hope you all over the world to survey, visit the company and we¡¯d like to cooperate with you with our heart and soul to realize the mutual success.
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